Earn Energy-Powered
Income while Making an Impact

We are accelerating the adoption and use of clean energy in Africa and driving sustainability for future generations globally.

Our Valuechain

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OUr process

How does it  work?

We are building strategic access to financing as well as structuring strategic investments in Renewable energy Solutions by connecting individuals and institutions looking to go green with financing for their renewable energy projects from interested investors globally

Project Evaluation

We identify individuals, schools, businesses, and organizations that want to go green. Our engineers work with local installation vendors to carefully evaluate proposed projects and ensure they meet our core criteria

Equity Financing

Once projects have been accepted as viable and responsible, we launch the projects on our platform for investors to buy ownership (slices) of the infrastructure that will power the project.

Revenue Generation

Individuals, Schools, businesses, and organizations pay investors to use the clean electricity your renewable energy project produces. Your lease starts when your projects start generating electricity.